Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments​​

Leostream simplifies multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud management of resources hosted in Azure®, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, OpenStack, and more.


Control hybrid environments

Bridge the gap between on-site infrastructure and the cloud through a single portal.


Enhance security

Keep data off of the end user’s client device to ensure that sensitive information never leaves the cloud.


virtual workspaces in minutes

Provision instances that are preconfigured from customized images created in your public cloud account.


Support Any Display protocol

Choose the protocol that best suits end users’ needs, including those that support high performance graphics and 3D rendering, such as Teradici PCoIP, HP RGS and Mechdyne TGX.


Burst into the cloud

On-demand desktops are perfect for adding capacity quickly and for temporary/seasonal workers.


Streamline user login

A single user login screen provides centralized access to hosted resources. Customize with your corporate branding for a unified user experience. 


Support multi-tenancy

Use isolated networks and manage resources independently to separate departments, customers, etc.


Share expensive resources

Use desktop pools and policies to map users to the appropriate applications and define when and how long they have access. 

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