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Video Demonstrations

Application Streaming and Remote Access

Manage and connect users to applications with Leostream to optimize license usage and improve the user experience with a single portal.

Video Demonstrations

The Leostream Agent

The Leostream Agent helps you get the most control out of your desktop environment including power, USB passthrough and more.

Video Demonstrations

High Performance Remote Access for Energy Solutions

For many years Leostream has helped Oil & Gas companies, both at home and abroad, ensure that their GeoScientists have access to the large data sets and E&P applications they need to get their jobs done.

Case Studies

ENVY Post Production House Pivots to the Hybrid Work Model with Leostream

ENVY Post Production has adapted to a flexible model that enables its client base to fully access more than 200 physical workstations remotely. As part of the company’s overall effort to drive operational change, Jai Cave of ENVY and his technical team set out to build ENVY Remote, a platform to support a hybrid workforce.

Video Demonstrations

Build a Leostream POC in 3 Steps

Get going with the Leostream Connection Broker and Platform. This video demonstrates a basic Leostream remote desktop setup in three easy steps.

Video Demonstrations

Control Cloud Desktop Costs with Leostream

Leostream enables you to control your cloud desktop costs with power control plans, release control plans, and the ability to expand and contract the cloud based on user demand.

Video Demonstrations

OpenStack VDI with Leostream

OpenStack gives you a cloud native approach for modeling VDI workflows. Leostream has native integration with the OpenStack APIs to control capacity and power states across all of your tenants, giving you a single interface to manage your VDI workflows.

Video Demonstrations

Best Practices for Hybrid Work

Successful hybrid work environments are designed for remote-first even if you’re plan is remote-friendly.

Video Demonstrations

Managing Elastic Capacity with Leostream

Manage cloud capacity to control cost and increase capacity by offering cloud desktops on demand

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