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Authentication Guides

Using SAML-Based Identity Providers with Leostream

This guide describes how to integrate Leostream with SAML-based Identity Providers to provide enhanced authentication and single sign-on to the Leostream Web client.

Case Studies

Harlingen WaterWorks System Rides Wave of Transformative VDI Performance and Reliability with Scale Computing, Leostream and Liquidware

With Scale Computing, Leostream and Liquidware, VDI is not only achievable for any size IT department, but available without complexity or prohibitive cost. The joint VDI solution works exceptionally well in VDI environments across various verticals, for a wide range of use cases from task workers to power users requiring a simple, secure and low-maintenance option to traditional desktop PCs.

Solution Brief

Adaptive Workspace Management with Leostream and Liquidware

Learn how a joint Leostream and Liquidware solution can help you make the most of your VDI environment with advanced application layering and user environment management.

Authentication Guides

Duo MFA for Leostream Logins

This guide describes how to configure Duo and Leostream to protect Leostream logins.

Leostream 8.2

Leostream Agent for Linux – For Connection Broker 8.2

Version: 4.3.27
Release Date: August 2018

Case Studies

Leostream and Scale Computing Reduce Management and Maintenance Burden for Paris Community Hospital

In this case study, Paris Community Hospital engaged Leostream and Scale Computing to simplify the management of its IT assets and reduce the time and effort expended on maintaining the environment.


Tutorial: Installing the Leostream Connection Broker

In this video, we’ll cover system requirements and installation methods for the Leostream Connection Broker and Leostream Gateway!


VDI Master Class: Rethinking Your Private Cloud with Leostream and Fairbanks

In this webinar, learn how to design, build, and manage virtual desktops and hosted applications in a custom-built private cloud or hybrid environment – no legacy VDI vendor required. Includes a special guest presentation by Fairbanks to discuss OpenStack for VDI!


Whitepaper: Key Considerations for Delivering Linux Hosted Desktops

In this whitepaper, discover key considerations for deploying Linux hosted desktops in an on-premises or cloud VDI environment.

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