Hoteling with Leostream

In this video, Leostream CEO and VP of Product Management, Karen Gondoly, discusses the advantages of architecting a Hosted Desktop solution that supports Hoteling, or Hot-Desking. If you are unfamiliar those terms, essentially they mean that employees can work from anywhere, by connecting to a pool of shared resources via a remote access solution, such as Leostream. Allowing any user to move around their office building, campus, or the globe and still get connected to their work resources, allows you to increase user productivity while saving corporate resources.

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VMware Alternatives for VDI & DaaS

Are you considering your options for leaving VMware?

In this video, Karen Gondoly, Leostream CEO and VP of Product Management, discusses why you might want to consider your options as well as the alternatives to using VMware vSphere for VDI and DaaS.

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Clientless Remote Access

When you incorporate clientless remote access into your hosted desktop environment, you can provide remote workspaces for a wider audience, at a lower cost, and in a seamless fashion for your end users. You’ll see in this discussion that using Leostream to manage your users’ remote connections, gives you a variety of clientless options, so you can provide the right level of performance for all your users.

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Building Enterprise VDI

Leostream has been helping our customers build enterprise-grade VDI for more than a decade.

In this video, our CEO Karen Gondoly discusses the key aspects for building enterprise VDI and remote access, including secure clientless remote access, and demonstrates the Leostream platform.

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VDI on VMware

Many of our customers use VMware vSphere as a hosting platform and use Leostream to manage VDI and remote access as an alternative to Horizon. Using Leostream allows you to integrate with additional platforms and end-users access all of their resources in a single portal, with no VPN required.


User Identity Management with Leostream

User identity management is a critical component of your hosted desktop infrastructure. This video features Leostream CEO Karen Gondoly discussing the four aspects of user management and demonstrating how Leostream helps you manage user identities across the entire lifecycle of a user’s session.

The demonstration includes multiple user log in scenarios including:
  • Domain user logs into Leostream; logs into desktop as local user – Great for Linux
  • Domain user logs into Leostream; logs into desktop using a generic shared account – Great for shared resource
  • SAML login to Leostream; Domain login to desktop
  • Rogue user assignment

Financial Trader Agility

Research shows that the most pressing issue for Financial Service Organizations is the ability to enable trader agility. In today’s modern workforce, a trader can be sitting in Charlotte but need secure access to information in New York or San Francisco. In this episode of our Future of Work Webinar Series: Enabling Trader Agility, Karen Gondoly, Leostream CEO, talks about how financial institutions have put controls in place that ensure access to the tools and data traders need to get their job done, whether they are remote, moving around the trading floor, or working in a conference room, while simplifying the IT task of managing resources in a flexible modern workplace.

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Choosing a Remote Display Protocol

One of the key ways Leostream provides flexibility for your desktop environment is built-in support for multiple remote display protocols.

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Linux VDI with Leostream

Leostream offers a full end-to-end Linux solution allowing you to manage physical, virtual, and cloud machines in a single platform. The Leostream platform runs on Linux, with no need for Windows licenses and supports all operating systems for a seamless end user experience.

If you’ve watched a previous Leostream video or worked with one of our technical specialists, you’ve potentially heard the term “rogue user”. Well, even if you haven’t heard the term, I guarantee you that your hosted desktop environment has rogue users, and they can cause just as many headaches for IT as the word “rogue” might imply. Rogue users, whether intentionally or not, are going around your IT departments best laid plans to control, monitor, and secure access to your hosted resources.

Thankfully, Leostream can help you reign in rogue users so you can ensure the security and optimize the usage of your hosted desktops.

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