Rethinking Your Private Cloud


VDI Master Class: Rethinking Your Private Cloud with Leostream and Fairbanks

It’s not 2009 anymore, and the legacy VDI vendor are no longer your only option for hosted virtual resources. Today, it’s easier than ever to manage a private cloud or hybrid cloud that is custom built to suit the needs, preferences, and budget of your organization. In this webinar you will learn – 

  • Why it’s time to think outside the VMware/Citrix Box
  • How to host and manage VDI workloads in private cloud environments
  • How to leverage OpenStack as a private cloud or VDI solution
  • Go Hybrid – When it’s time to burst into a public cloud

Presenters: Karen Gondoly, Leostream CEO and Michiel Manten, Fairbanks Marketing


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