Case Study

Monash University Implements Open Source VDI Solution with Leostream and OpenStack

In 2016, Monash University set out to expand their online learning programs, as well as support department research, by providing virtual desktops to their psychology department. At the time, they leveraged OpenStack as a research cloud and, in an effort to support open source technology, decided to continue to leverage OpenStack for their virtual desktops.

Key Challenges

  • The university needed to provide virtual desktops to their psychology department, in a push for online learning.
  • They wanted to leverage their existing OpenStack research cloud but found VMware and Citrix do not offer an integrated OpenStack VDI solution.
  • It was not a viable option, in terms of cost or on-site resources, to install an entirely new VMware deployment, so they needed a tool that could manage all their virtual desktops on OpenStack

Key BenefitsProvides virtual desktops to students and professors

  • Reduces costs
  • Manages user access
  • Improves security and control
  • Incurs no additional licensing fees
  • Supports rapid deployment of virtual desktops on OpenStack

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