Simplified IT Operations for Hybrid Environments with the Leostream Platform

 The Leostream Platform was designed for busy systems administrators who need an efficient way to manage VDI, hosted desktops, and cloud desktop environments.

This document specifically focuses on the areas of the Leostream Platform that will assist you with maintaining, monitoring, and optimizing your hosted environment once you are fully deployed and up and running.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

    • Where you can plan to spend your time as an administrator interacting with the product

    • Specific ways the Leostream Platform helps you to maintain, monitor, and optimize your hosted environment once you transition from proof-of-concept into production

    • The importance of leveraging “roles” within Leostream to delegate operations to your IT staff 

Download the case study to learn about how Leostream:

    • Provides a premium user experience and connections to all of the University’s onsite Mac, Windows, and Linux devices

    • Simplifies administrative functionality, making it possible for the eight-person help desk team to manage the system with ease

    • Supports remote access for students in the Digital Arts program who require high-end technical specifications and minimal latency issues
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