How to provide the resources and security for remote workers

Recorded on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 11:00 am
Eastern Daylight Time

Join us as we talk about how Scale Computing and Leostream provide a complete virtual desktop infrastructure solution with all the same great features you’ll find from the legacy VDI vendors — at a fraction of the cost.

Our solution helps time and resource constrained IT departments deliver the virtual desktop solutions necessary for today’s business. As organizations see an increase in the amount of remote workers and BYOD, they also see an increase in security risks and the need to deliver the mission critical applications to their employees to keep them efficient.

Virtual workers are a natural fit for the small to medium business and distributed enterprise world, and a proper VDI solution can allow you to seamlessly maintain the benefits and feel of a single office location as you add additional remote employees to your workforce.

Learn how we help with:

  • Desktops on-demand – Leostream quickly provisions virtual machines preconfigured from customized template VMs created in HC3.

  • Improved security – keep data off of the end user’s client device, to ensure that sensitive data never leaves your data center.

  • Lowered costs – avoid licensing fees associated with full VDI stack solutions.


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