Leostream Gateway

The Leostream Gateway provides remote access for users outside of your corporate network. It’s a key component for Leostream environments hosted on a public cloud or OpenStack cloud, allowing you to isolate your desktops from the public internet. The Leostream Gateway provides:

  • Built-in support for in-browser RDP, VNC, and SSH connections
  • Support for in-browser connections provided by NoMachine, NICE DCV, and Scyld Cloud Workstation
  • Client-based remote desktop connections using RDP, HP ZCentral Remote Boost, NICE DCV, NoMachine, Mechdyne TGX, and Teradici PCoIP when connecting to Remote Workstation Cards

The Leostream Gateway is packaged as an RPM that installs on the latest CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 operating system. If you are installing the Leostream Gateway on a machine with internet access, you can install the RPM from the Leostream repository.

To perform offline installations download the current version of the Leostream Gateway.

Consult the Leostream Gateway Guide for installation and configuration instructions.

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