How To Build Cloud-Based VDI in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform

Let’s face it: Maintaining an on-premises datacenter is a costly endeavor – and we aren’t just talking about hardware. Staffing, office real estate, utility bills – the overhead adds up before we even get to virtualization software. 

If you or your client has finally decided it’s time to get out of the datacenter business and outsource their CPU to one of the “Big Three” public cloud providers – AWS, Azure, and GPC – this is the webinar for you! 

This webinar highlights – 

  • The associated costs of running an on-premises datacenter 
  • The most common missteps IT professionals make on their journey to the cloud 
  • How to build cloud-based VDI (that works!)


Karen Gondoly, Leostream CEO
Jamie Sullivan, Leostream Marketing

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