Secure Remote Access for Media and Entertainment

In this whitepaper, we discuss best practices for deploying a secure remote access solution in the media and entertainment industry

Download a copy to learn:

  • Users receive at-desk performance just like they are sitting right in front of their in-house workstations
  • Choose the best display protocol to satisfy the visualization requirements necessary for resource intensive software like Adobe, Maya, Avid, Final Cut Pro, Unity and more
  • Dynamically assign machines to a remote workforce using desktop pools. Desktop pools allow for better utilization of resources and for expensive software licenses to be shared amongst users.
  • Secure access to workstations using multi-factor authentication and Zero Trust workflows
  • Streamline project audits by providing logs that track desktop connections and monitor resource assignments
  • Scale hosted environments across a variety of virtualization platform and all of the major cloud options such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and OpenStack
  • Quickly spin up desktops to support
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