Case Study

Leostream Connection Broker Makes HIPAA-compliant “Anywhere” Access Possible for Hospitals

An American clinic with a staff of 400 evaluated the best way to implement new clinical systems, enhance security, and plan for expansion during systems upgrades that were part of the clinic’s regular hardware refresh cycle. With the tight regulation of HIPAA-mandated patient security, need for failsafe 24/7 system reliability, and manageability concerns, the clinic looked for ways to leverage virtualization to meet these goals. After evaluating traditional desktops, application virtualization, and desktop virtualization, the clinic selected a secure Hosted Desktop solution managed by the Leostream Connection Broker and based on a VMware virtualization layer and thin clients. 

Download this case study and learn how Leostream helped achieve:

  • Strong, two-factor authentication using smart cards
  • Policy-based location-based access
  • Policy-based USB lock-down

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