Flexible VDI and Secure Remote Access for Government Organizations Secure and control virtual desktop resources with Leostream, ClearCube, and Stratodesk


With continued adoption of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and remote access capabilities across the public sector, government agencies — at the local, state and federal level — are seeking ways to centralize hosted resources and simplify management of end users and workstations. The value of leveraging VDI and enabling remote access is significant and requires meeting cost savings, security, and product scope demands.

To do this, enterprises need:

  •  A robust and scalable administrative console to manage, control and monitor the desktop environment and launch user connections from a variety of devices
  •  Secure and reliable hardware and endpoint solutions like thin clients and workstation computers
  •  An advanced endpoint operating system with a focus on security capable of running on a variety of hardware

Leostream, ClearCube, and Stratodesk have aligned to enable a flexible solution with proven success amongst government organizations to satisfy the requirements listed above. This collaboration delivers on all fronts —increased security, performance, reliability, and resilience — to address a wide range of use cases for government and military entities.

The Leostream Platform – A Comprehensive Platform for Managing End User Connections to Hosted and Remote Workstations

Leostream secure remote access

Leostream solves all of the complex problems associated with how users connect to hosted and remote workstations, and how those connections are managed. From a single-pane-of-glass, administrators can manage and connect users to VDI, cloud desktops, physical workstations and other types of hosted IT assets across a range of hosting platforms. Defense and government agencies around the country depend on the flexibility and advanced security features available through Leostream.

Authentication is key: Lock down access to only appropriate users with a variety of authentication measures including multi-factor authentication and smart cards. Define access based upon security clearance and location of the end user.

Tightly control users: Utilize desktop pools, plans, and policies to control users’ connections. Ensure that only authorized users have access and that the appropriate actions are taken when the user finishes with an application, such as deleting the desktop.

Track and monitor usage: Using audit-level tracking of user connections, administrators can monitor activity such as connections, disconnects, logins, logouts, etc.

Build a flexible environment: With support for an array of hosting platforms, back end operating systems, client types, and display protocols, Leostream allows an organization to build the hosting environment that best suits its needs.

ClearCube: Secure Endpoint Devices and Solutions for a Complete Virtual or Remote Desktop Experience

Client connection to cloud desktops

Whether an organization is centralizing workstations for on-site users or offering remote access, government agencies trust ClearCube Technology to help secure data by providing endpoint solutions like zero clients, thin clients, mini PCs and rack mountable blade workstation computers.

ClearCube has a dominant presence at thousands of public sector and enterprise locations and has ISO 9001:2015 certification for design, development, and manufacturing remote solutions that effectively meet the security, compatibility, and sustainability mandates in government agencies.

Blade PCs guarantee the highest level of workstation reliability, seamless manageability, and quick cyber incident recovery for crucial government agency centers such as E911, law enforcement and first responders.

Hardware solutions are rarely a one-size-fits-all. ClearCube’s unique ability is its capacity to customize solutions to meet the needs of customers on a case-by-case situation. ClearCube’s rack mounted blade PCs have a 99.99% uptime resulting in a 38% reduction in help desk incidents and a 69% reduction in end-user downtime in comparison to a traditional desktop PC. By placing zero clients in the work environment there is a reduction in the noise and heat generated by PCs with a seamless integration to the data center while still providing high performance graphics and video across multiple monitors.

Highly reliable, flexible and redundant: ClearCube solutions deliver 24x7x365 situational awareness based on data from multiple sources often including some with high definition video requirements.

Centralized computing solutions: With automated maintenance and deployment capabilities, ClearCube solutions are easy to set up for the next iteration of Windows and other application upgrades. There are no full-scale hardware refresh cycles involved.

Stratodesk NoTouch — #1 Endpoint OS and Management Software for your Preferred VDI Environment

secure endpoint from any deviceStratodesk NoTouch Center and Stratodesk NoTouch OS together enable organizations to transform any PC, thin client, laptop or Raspberry Pi device into a secure and centrally managed VDI/DaaS endpoint. Stratodesk NoTouch OS is a Linux-based, small footprint hardware agnostic operating system allowing organizations to cost effectively scale and manage endpoints. By working seamlessly across x86 and ARM/Raspberry Pi based hardware products, Stratodesk NoTouch Center provides a unified platform for all EUC enterprise endpoints. Increase endpoint security, simplify management and universalize user experience while also maximizing the benefits of existing desktop hardware through PC Repurposing. Plus, Stratodesk NoTouch OS supports DoD certificates, CAC support, and FIPS wipe.

Increased security: Since Stratodesk NoTouch OS is Linux-based, once it is installed on an endpoint device it is virtually impervious to common threats facing x86 devices. What’s more, with Stratodesk NoTouch OS, no data is stored on the local device. All of the information and data will be stored on a central and secure server. Additionally, Government entities can add a further layer of security thanks to Stratodesk NoTouch Disk Encryption.

Easily manage multiple worksites: Stratodesk NoTouch Center allows you to manage all of your worksites as if they were working within your LAN. Set groups, configure permissions, and even enable BYOD.
Save on costs: Stratodesk NoTouch OS repurposes your existing hardware into high performing thin clients. Easily scale up to fill new requirements from additional offices with the low cost Citrix Ready workspace hub.

Use Cases


Provide government and military workers with network access from multiple work sites across a variety of devices without compromising on security. Manage all endpoints from a feature-rich dashboard.


Eliminate the need for desk-side applications and keep sensitive data off of endpoint devices. Tightly control user authorization with MFA and leverage robust access controls for the highest level of security.


Support GPU intensive workloads for specialized government personnel requiring high power workstations. Choose from a variety of display protocols supported by both Leostream and Stratodesk, such as Teradici PCoIP®, NICE DCV and Mechdyne TGX.


Bridge the gap between on-site infrastructure and the cloud through a single portal. Simplify multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud management of resources hosted in Azure®, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, OpenStack, and more.


Streamline the onboarding process for contractors and ensure that the right users get access to the right resources, every time, and from wherever they roam. Choose from persistent and non-persistent desktops, shared or personal desktops, and everything in between.


Environments can function entirely off the internet, making them ideal for isolated networks and dark site deployments. Leverage Leostream as a local authentication server in environments with no access to external corporate authentication servers.

Better Together

Leostream, ClearCube and Stratodesk, deliver an all-in-one solution including VDI, the world’s most powerful Thin Client OS, Stratodesk NoTouch, and the tested and proven hardware from ClearCube.

This collaboration has been purposefully designed to meet the performance and security requirements for government organizations wanting to centrally manage resources — on-premises, in the cloud or across hybrid environments.

By leveraging Leostream, government entities consolidate and safeguard access to hosted desktops.

Meanwhile, Stratodesk deploys across every endpoint, ensuring security and simplified endpoint management for the entire fleet of endpoints.

Lastly, ClearCube devices are high powered and affordable, making them the ideal device for budget conscious government agencies to quickly and effectively scale.

ClearCube devices are available with Stratodesk NoTouch OS directly out of the box. With the inclusion of Leostream Connect Client, IT teams can quickly deploy to workers everywhere and expedite the connections to their Leostream environments.

Next Steps

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