Case Study: Leostream assists Auburn University with Academic Continuity

As one of the largest universities in the South, Auburn University needed to provide its expansive student population with remote access when the COVID-19 pandemic prompted distance learning.  Within the first month of the pandemic, several departments at the University implemented Leostream to manage student connections to lab workstations and applications hosted on premises.

Download the case study to learn about key project initiatives:

  • Why the College of Engineering and the Library and IT Commons chose Leostream over building a proprietary solution or using VPNs or Windows Remote Gateway

  • How the University supported engineering and architecture students who require high performance desktops for running resource intensive applications

  • Specific features being leveraged by IT administrators related to security and desktop brokering

  • Why the Director of Network Services at the College of Engineering refers to Leostream as a “rock solid remote gateway and interface”
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