Accelerate Large-Scale VDI Deployments with Leostream and Nutanix

Build and manage highly scalable, performant, and automated virtual desktop environments with the Leostream Platform™ and Nutanix AHV


Building a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is one of the tried and true ways to support a remote workforce. However, the cost and complexity of starting a VDI initiative from scratch is often what prevents organizations from moving forward.

To overcome these challenges and to reap the benefits of centrally hosting virtual desktops, organizations have turned to hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI). Rather than procuring the compute, network, and storage resources separately (as is the case in a traditional VDI deployment) HCI gives organizations an advantage by combining the virtualization components into a single stack. Nutanix is the industry leader in HCI and sets the gold standard for accelerating VDI deployments.

A key component of any hosted desktop environment is software for managing remote desktop connections. The Leostream Platform™ is the most widely utilized vendor-independent remote desktop connection management solution, enabling enterprises to integrate the complex array of clients, hosting platforms, guest operating systems, and display protocols required for successful VDI, hosted desktop, and application deployments.

Together, Nutanix and Leostream provide a robust and comprehensive virtual desktop solution for on-premises and remote users by leveraging HCI — without the expense and difficulties of traditional VDI. The end result is a secure hosted desktop environment that is easy for enterprises to monitor, manage, and scale.


With Leostream and Nutanix, both IT staff and end-users benefit from the power of VDI — simplified and centralized management for administrators and more flexibility for a mobile workforce. The Leostream/Nutanix integration enables a wide range of use cases that are commonly seen across large organizations and enterprises and delivers the following advantages:

Choose from a variety of remote display protocols

Not only can users connect to their desktops and applications from commodity display protocols like RDP, VNC, and SSH, but integrations with high performance protocols including those with GPU acceleration ensure an optimal end-user experience.

Connect users from their preferred client device

Connections can be launched from any device including thin clients, zero clients, Chromebooks and mobile devices.

Provide VPN-less access for seamless connections

By using the Leostream Gateway for seamless in-browser connections, remote users gain VPN-less access to VMs hosted on Nutanix AHV clusters.

Prioritize security and authentication methods

There are many ways to lock down corporate resources and stay compliant by incorporating advanced security features like multi-factor authentication, rogue user management, high-availability failover, etc.

Manage multiple virtualization hosts side-by-side

For those running Nutanix with VMware vSphere or OpenStack underneath, Leostream offers a way to manage everything from within a single interface.


When it comes to scaling large environments, having the right backend infrastructure is a critical part of the equation.  By design, Nutanix is positioned to scale VDI. Unlike traditional data center concepts which operate in component silos, HCI combines and integrates the virtualization pieces into a single solution. Having a complete HCI platform that is pre-built saves time and the headache of testing various software/hardware and dealing with compatibility issues. This means customers can deploy in a matter of days.

What’s unique about HCI is its ability to horizontally scale simply by adding nodes. This makes introducing capacity when needed easier without this risk of under or overprovisioning storage resources.

The introduction of Leostream into the solution provides a granular level of control that IT administrators need to effectively manage a high volume of remote desktop connections.

The Leostream Platform is uniquely customizable and offers a range of functionality for provisioning desktops, setting access control policies, monitoring connections and optimizing resource allocation. Whether your environment has 100 users or 100,000, the Leostream Platform ensures the right person has access to the right resource when and where it is needed.


Nutanix and Leostream jointly help customers leverage VDI using the advantages of hyperconverged technology.  Nutanix provides a simple yet powerful backend virtualization framework for centrally hosting desktops and applications, and Leostream puts all the tools necessary to provision, monitor, and manage large-scale desktop environments right at IT administrators’ fingertips.

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About Leostream

Leostream provides the critical remote desktop connection management technology required for organizations to build successful large-scale remote access solutions for physical, virtual, and cloud-hosted desktops. The Leostream Platform is the industry’s most widely deployed vendor-independent remote desktop connection management solution, enabling enterprises to integrate the complex array of clients, hosting platforms, guest operating systems, and display protocols required for successful VDI, hosted desktop, and hosted application deployments.

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