Academy of Art University Case Study

With over 56% of students enrolled online, the Academy of Art University has been on the forefront of remote learning.  To centralize remote access connections to its campus lab environments, the Academy began utilizing the Leostream Platform. Leostream has been instrumental in recreating the entire on-site experience with each remote lab station while ensuring large on-site technology investments are fully utilized.

Download the case study to learn about key project initiatives:

  • Why the University chose Leostream over other desktop brokering solutions

  • Enabling graphics-rich workloads for students running high-power workstations

  • Specific features within Leostream that allowed the University to support its diverse curriculum and facilities 

  • How a short-term challenge of facilitating distance learning will turn into a long-term solution for remote access

  • Why the System Administrator’s answer is always, “Yes” whenever asked if something is possible with a Leostream brokered lab
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