Host and Manage Highly Customizable and Resilient VDI and DaaS on Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure

Virtuozzo DaaS Cloud Hyperconverged VDILeostream and Virtuozzo partner to ease Virtual Desktop deployments on alternative cloud infrastructure. This collaboration gives service providers and enterprises a simple and affordable option for hosting and managing desktop environments with hyperconverged infrastructure and open source clouds.

This highly adaptive solution facilitates nearly any use case for VDI, Desktops-as-a-Service, hosted physical resources, edge computing, hybrid cloud environments, and more that helps to create new recurring revenue streams for service providers.

The cloud native integration between Leostream and Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure allows to build and tightly control desktop environments across a broad portfolio of virtualization, software-defined storage, and hyperconvergence solutions.


To learn more about the Leostream and Virtuozzo VDI solution for service providers and enterprises,
visit or contact [email protected]

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