Leostream integrates with Verge.io to enable on-demand software defined data center for Remote Desktop use, including GPU support.

Verge.io’s virtualization software enables nested multi-tenant private clouds from commodity x86 servers. By liquifying  cpu, gpu, memory, network and storage resources, you can create entire virtual data centers.  Virtual data centers can support a variety of compliance standards (HIPAA, PCI, CUI, FISMA and more). Leostream uses Verge.io’s API and recipes to dynamically create and remove virtual machines as users connect to and disconnect from remote desktops. This reduces costs, simplifies compliance and eases desktop provisioning.  Unique benefits are:

  • Automation that is designed to minimize expenditure by ensuring infrastructure is only consumed when a desktop is in demand.
  • More flexibility and less time spent on administrative tasks using bulk customizations to mass provision purpose-built virtual machines.
  • The ability to achieve a variety of workflows, including those that target compliance requirements

Higher utilization of hardware. Share GPUs, CPUs and other hardware across a wider pool of users.

Through the partnership, Enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) gain the benefits of having a complete data center virtualization solution (including the network, compute, storage, and applications) to host virtual desktops alongside all of the controls and oversight necessary to properly manage large-scale deployments.

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