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Leostream and Teradici Provide Pixel-Perfect VDI

Leostream and Teradici are long-time partners and work together to support pixel-perfect VDI on-premises or in the cloud.

Cloud Access Software
Deliver applications, desktops and workstations from the cloud, your data center, or multicloud environment. Automatically provision virtual machines, manage compute costs and entitle secure PCoIP connections to remote Windows or Linux virtual machines.

PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards
Workstation users create 3D models and designs for visual effects, motion picture, construction, manufacturing, architectural, and engineering projects. Typically, dispersed teams and contractors are needed to bring these elaborate creations to life. With the PCoIP Remote Workstation Card, these widespread resources can receive the full frame-rate rendering capabilities necessary to create complex designs and images, without ever having to be in the same office; with their sensitive corporate IP protected.




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