Liquidware and Leostream combine to deliver a full enterprise class digital workspace solution supporting any virtual or cloud platform and able to deliver any desktop, user data and application from anywhere.

Liquidware ProfileUnity and FlexApp provide full user environment management and application to prepare for a smooth migration to a new desktop. Administrators can orchestrate workspace changes from one central management console. ProfileUnity provides ongoing management of user profiles, policies, user-authored data and cloud storage. This solution also allows users to co-exist and move across physical, virtual, RDS, and mixed Windows OS.

FlexApp minimizes base image management by delivering layered applications to Microsoft desktops. Administrators can choose the timing to deliver applications from boot time, logon or on-demand with our exclusive Click-to-Layer technology.

Stratusphere UX delivers industry-leading user experience monitoring and analytics for physical, virtual and cloud-based servers & desktops. Stratusphere UX provides detailed metrics specifically for Leostream workspaces to measure user experience & resource utilization, confirm capacity is right-sized, thus saving time and cost in the move to this platform. On-boarding users with Stratusphere UX ensures that user experience quality and performance SLAs are initially met while supporting continued optimization over time.

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