Build a DaaS, Cloud Desktop, or Cloud-Based VDI solution on AWS with Leostream

Considering DaaS, Cloud Desktops, Cloud-Based VDI, or a Hybrid Cloud with AWS? By layering Leostream’s advanced brokering technology on top of AWS EC2 infrastructure, it’s never been easier to build, deploy, connect, and manage AWS virtual machines.

Cloud-Based VDI 

Ready to “unstack yourself” from legacy, full-stack VDI and build your own cloud or hybrid cloud-based VDI solution? 

Leostream provides all the tools you need to build a complete persistent or non-persistent VDI solution on AWS.

More than just a cloud desktop, Leostream provides the same advanced functionality as on-premises enterprise VDI deployments – including non-persistent pools, Active Directory integration, MFA, and more – in your AWS EC2 environment. 

DaaS for Service Providers

DaaS, or Desktops-as-a-Service, offers Service Providers a new recurring revenue stream on which they can layer their value add by providing desktop management and IT services. Leostream provides the brokering technology to deploy, manage, and connect users to remote desktops hosted in AWS. 

Leostream can be white-labeled to provide your users with a cohesive experience from a brand they trust – yours! 

Cloud Desktops

Don’t need full-fledged VDI, but still ready to ditch the three year-refresh cycle and upcycle those old client devices? Look no further than Cloud Desktops with Leostream. 

Leostream also provides user access to persistent one-to-one desktops hosted in AWS. *Please note our 25 desktop minimum 

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