Leostream for Manufacturing

Provide secure connection to complex applications no matter where users may roam


Share Access to Complex Applications

Licenses for complex applications such as CAD/CAM are expensive, and maintaining software installed on users' machines is cumbersome. Give your IT staff a break and move to a hosted desktop solution, whether you want to build that using racked workstations, cloud desktops, or GPU-enabled VDI.

By sharing applications running on hosted desktops user can share the license, lowering costs and encouraging collaboration. And, IT always has access to the application when patches or updates are required.  Leostream then ensures that only the appropriate users can connect to your application, and ensures that access from wherever they roam.


Control Access to Ensure Data and IP Integrity

Your data is your intellectual property, and you need to keep is safe. With Leostream, your hosted resources are protected by multi-factor authentication and advanced access control rules, called policies, so you control who has access to what and from where. This unique location-based access to resources managed by Leostream allows you to restrict or allow connections based on where the user is physically located.

And, the Leostream Gateway provides secure VPN-less access, making it simple for you to enable remote access for users permitted to do so. 


Stay Productive with High-Performance Display Protocols

With the advancements in high-performance display protocols, users experience at-desk performance when connecting to hosted manufacturing software. Leostream supports a wide range of display protocols, for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS remote desktops. Choose the best protocol for the job, from any combination of NICE DCV, HP ZCentral Remote Boost, Mechdyne TGX, Teradici PCoIP, and more.

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