Leostream for Education

Deliver anywhere access for students with Leostream


Remote Access For Classrooms and Labs

Are only some of your students returning to campus? Not a problem! Leostream manages on-premises and remote access to classroom and lab machines, authorizing remote access to rooms and resources only to students in that class, and managing machine allocation so students logging in remotely are ensured they'll get an open machine. 


Provide Anywhere Access to Student Applications

With Leostream, student applications are a click away wherever they are studying and from whatever client device they use. The Leostream Gateway's built-in HTML5 viewer allows students to leverage any device with a Web browser. Leostream tracks and logs all student logins to provide in-depth knowledge of who is using what from where.


Stay Productive with High-Performance Display Protocols

Give students the performance they require for even their most advanced classes. Using any of Leostream's supported high-performance display protocols, students experience at-desk performance when connecting to graphics-intensive software. Leostream supports a wide range of display protocols when connecting to Microsoft Windows, Linux, and even macOS remote desktops. Choose the best protocol for the job, from HP Remote Boost (RGS), to Mechdyne TGX, to NoMachine, to Teradici PCoIP.


On-prem, Edge, and Cloud

Manage student connections to your classrooms, now, while ensuring you can grow your student base in the future. Leostream manages on-prem, edge, and cloud desktops from a single, unified, web-based administrator interface. Use Leostream's automated provisioning to burst into the cloud as your student base grows.

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