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what's new in LeostreamWhat’s new in Leostream 2022
The next generation of the Leostream Platform is here. Watch the webinar, What’s New in Leostream 2022, to learn about the enhancements and new features.
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Leostream Honors Amulet Hotkey as Inaugural Partner of the Year
Amulet Hotkey offers end-to-end computing solutions that satisfy the power and security needs of mission-critical and data-intensive workloads. Its decade-long relationship with Leostream provides secure remote-access solutions to organizations around the world.
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VMware and Citrix Acquisitions – How do they impact you?
With the advancements in end user computing enterprises are asking if it’s time they looked around to make sure they have the right workspace solution for their end users. If you are asking yourself this question, watch this all-star Liquidware panel session.
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Power users: How to overcome the challenges of working remotely
This video with Amulet Hotkey, Stratodesk, and Leostream discusses how the right infrastructure delivers superior scalability, reliability, and performance for providing Power Users with the same user experience wherever they are working.
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Amazon’s Fully-Managed, Infrastructure-Only VDI Solution Announced
Amazon WorkSpaces, first released in 2014, allowed you to have cloud-based Microsoft Windows and Linux desktops. It never quite caught on as it lacked the means to fully integrate with VDI solutions from long-time VDI players like Horizon, Citrix, and Leostream.
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Implementing a Cloud-Based Editing Solution
Learn how Qvest worked with SE Asia’s largest news broadcaster, MediaCorp, to implement Adobe tools and enable cloud-based editing for the enterprise with Leostream.
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Leostream Joins IGEL Ready Program as a Technology Partner
The Leostream platform is the industry-leading solution for remote access and desktop connection management and includes the Leostream Connect software client, which is certified to install on IGEL OS.
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Seven Tips for Using Desktops-as-a-Service
A remote workforce brings added IT requirements including security and flexibility. Enterprises are choosing DaaS to provide a cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure for secure, remote access to data and applications.
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Leostream Named a Finalist in the 2022 SDC Awards
The Leostream Platform has been selected among the finalists of the 2022 SDC Awards in the Orchestration/Automation Innovation of the Year category.
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Leostream recognized at the Cloud Excellence Awards 2022
The Leostream Platform has been selected as Multi / Hybrid Cloud Product of the Year for 2022 at the Cloud Excellence Awards.
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Learn how Qvest worked with SE Asia’s largest news broadcaster, MediaCorp, to implement Adobe tools and enable cloud-based editing for the enterprise with Leostream.

VMware & Citrix Acquisitions - How does it impact you?

Join us for a discussion with Liquidware on the VMware and Citrix Acquisitions.

With all the advancements in end user computing by leaders like Microsoft with AVD and Windows 365, enterprises are asking themselves if it’s time they looked around to make sure they have the right workspace solution for their end users. If you are asking yourself this question, you should attend this all-star Liquidware LIVE panel session.

REGISTER: https://info.liquidware.com/2022-09-13-VMwareandCitrixAcquisitions_Registration-Page.html

Karen Gondoly, CEO, Leostream
Patrick Coble, EUC vExpert
Jason E. Smith, VP, Alliances & Product Marketing, Liquidware

This webinar is intended for Citrix and VMware customers and partners planning for current and future changes.

Increase revenue from your cloud by selling DaaS with Virtuozzo and Leostream

Virtuozzo webinar Use Leostream with Virtuozzo to bring leading-edge DaaS technology to customers large and small, and deliver a modern, low-cost remote work solution that instantly boosts consumption of your cloud.

Join us on August 17th!

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How virtual workstations are reshaping talent acquisition and production workflows
Take a look at how cloud technology and remote access solutions provided by AWS and Leostream set creative studios up for post-pandemic success.

Leostream talks hybrid workforce and the technologies needed to support it with VMBlog
Click here to read the interview with Karen Gondoly, Leostream CEO, discussing IT challenges and solutions in meeting the needs of a hybrid workforce.

Leostream and Mechdyne TGX expand partnership with global reseller agreement
Read our press release to learn more about creating a secure and effective hosted desktop environment for high-end end workstations using Leostream and TGX.

Leostream online demo environment
Try a demonstration of the Leostream Connection Broker software, without the need to deploy it in your own environment.

Leostream and Virtuozzo partner to ease virtual desktop deployments on alternative cloud infrastructure
Build and tightly control desktop environments across a broad portfolio of virtualization, software-defined storage, and hyperconvergence solutions with integration between Leostream and Virtuozzo. Read more on the Virtuozzo blog.

Recent Leostream demonstrations

  • Alternatives to VMware for VDI & DaaS
    This video discusses why you might want to consider your options as well as the alternatives to using VMware vSphere for VDI and DaaS.
  • Clientless Remote Access
    Incorporate clientless remote access into your hosted desktop environment to provide remote workspaces for a wider audience, at a lower cost, and in a seamless fashion for your end users.
  • Financial Trader Agility
    Ensure access to the tools and data traders need to get their job done, whether they are remote, moving around the trading floor, or working in a conference room, while simplifying the IT task of managing resources in a flexible modern workplace.

Leostream is a key piece of the infrastructure that gives traders the agility and flexibility that is important in a modern workplace. With Leostream managing logins and desktop connections, traders can move around the trading floor, to different parts of the building, or even work from home, and always have immediate access to their applications and data. And just as importantly, those applications and the data stay securely located in your financial institution’s data center.

In this video, Cory D’Attoma (Account Representative) and Karen Gondoly (CEO) look at how Leostream can help you manage trader agility in your organization. 

Survey Says

In a CFO survey by PWC, they found that after Covid-19 sixty-nine percent of financial service companies expect to have sixty percent of their workforce working from home once a week at minimum moving forward. Employees are embracing this shift and supporting the idea of working from home. For IT, however, it is critical for there to be a balance between addressing the needs of your organization and having flexibility.

Leostream for Financial Services

Leostream provides flexibility and agility that is invaluable and affordable. By using Leostream, you will have a modernized trading floor, which is a buzzword today. It is important to embrace digital technologies and one way to do so is to bring more flexibility and agility to your solution. 

You will also be able to recover from failures and ensure productivity with resiliency and redundancy. Building a system that is redundant is incredibly important so that if one component goes down, the others pick up the load. 

Another benefit of using Leostream is that you can manage operational expenses and optimize capital expenses. For example, you can remove the hassle of lugging systems around and instead co-locate all of the workstations in the data center, using Leostream for remote access. 

Lastly, you can simplify IT with one platform to manage and track the usage of VMs and workstations. By using Leostream as the portal into everything they need, IT can look into the portal and have audit level tracking, which is essential in the finance industry.

To learn more, click the video above and watch as Karen Gondoly guides you through an example. If you want to try it, you can always contact us, we offer free trials, and we can do demos for you to show you more. Just contact us at [email protected]



Survey PWC

In the last couple of years with remote work, more people are looking for VPN-less solutions. In this video Karen Gondoly, CEO of Leostream discusses why and how Leostream can help. 

What is A VPN?

VPN stands for “virtual private network”. This is a service that guards your internet connection and privacy online. It constructs an encrypted tunnel for your data, shields your online identity by masking your IP address, and permits you to use public Wi-Fi hotspots safely. 

Why Ditch the VPN?
First of all, VPNs are inherently complex to install, set up, and teach users how to use. If you remove the VPN from the picture, you lower the complexity of your overall solution, which then makes it easier for you to manage, making it easier for end-users to adopt, and end-user adoption leads to end-user happiness. 

Also, if you put a VPN in the middle of your users’ RDP connections and start scaling out the number of users you put on that VPN,  you will drag down the performance of their actual connection. This signifies that in order to scale out your solution to accommodate more users, you need to scale out the VPN devices themselves, which is inefficient and expensive. 

Insert Leostream
If you’re talking about users working remotely and connecting through RDP, security is just as key as performance. You want to make sure that only authorized users have access and that the connection itself is secure. If you want secure remote desktop connections for remote access, ditch the VPN and insert Leostream. Not only does Leostream help you solve the following three problems, but it also brings some key functionality into the picture as well. 

The first problem Leostream helps you solve is advanced authentication, by enforcing MFA policies based on where the user is located. Leostream has a number of different MFA Systems that you can integrate with, which can be seen in the video demonstration. The second is authorized access, which means comprehensive policies that control access to what, from where, and for how long. This way you always know you’re giving the least privileged access to the different resources that are in your environment. The third is securing connections by keeping 3389 off the Internet using the Leostream Gateway HTML5 RDP viewer or by forwarding RDP traffic through the Leostream Gateway along random ports filtered by the client IP address. 

To learn more, click the video above and watch as Karen Gondoly guides you through this process. If you want to try it, you can always contact us, we offer free trials, and we can do demos for you to show you more. Just contact us at [email protected].




Leostream helps Oil & Gas companies ensure that their geoscientists have access to the large data sets and exploration & production applications they need to be successful. The same is true for the rest of the Energy industry, which goes beyond oil and gas and applies to any business that caters to industries keeping the world running, including wind, solar and nuclear, to name a few. 

Leostream provides a remote access and connection management platform. In this video Karen Gondoly, CEO of Leostream talks about some of the benefits of using the Leostream product for VDI or remote access and then goes in-depth with a demo of the Leostream platform itself. 


To balance the needs of demanding end-users with the complicated tasks of administering enterprise IT, Leostream helps by automating tasks for IT and securing access to data and to resources for end-users. Some advantages to remote access for Energy solutions include controlling costs and ensuring security.

Moving to the cloud allows you to avoid buying hardware and to share resources across users, which saves money. Then, by using Leostream to manage your cloud-hosted resources, you have additional easy and automated ways to save money. Leostream automates various mundane tasks, such as powering off resources when a user is done and power them back on when a user requests access, ensuring uptime and optimizing performance. Automating mundane jobs frees up time for your IT staff, which allows them to complete more important tasks.

Moving to the cloud has another cost-saving benefit, which is that it shrinks your data center.  By shrinking your data center, you lower your power consumption and decrease your energy bills at your company. 

Last but not least, by putting Leostream as the front end of your cloud environment you can ensure security. Leostream supports a variety of multi-factor authentication methods, implements flexible access control rules, and, with our audit-level tracking, you always know who is using what, from where, and for how long. 

To learn more, click the video above and watch as Karen Gondoly guides you through this process. If you want to try it, you can always contact us, we offer free trials, and we can do demos for you to show you more. Additionally, with our professional services team here to help you optimize your Leostream environment, you can relax knowing there is always someone here to support you. Just contact us at [email protected]


Leostream provides remote access and a connection management platform. In this video Karen Gondoly, CEO of Leostream and a thought leader on remote access solutions discusses why Leostream is an excellent solution for secure environments. Whether you are a federal customer and have extremely isolated networks of machines or you are a post-production company and have an environment locked up in a private network in AWS, Leostream is here to help. 


Why Use Leostream for Secure Environments

First, at Leostream, we package software for you to install in your environment. There are no off-premise components – you govern and maintain everything – leaving no room for concern if someone else is keeping an underlying operating system up to date, for example. The core Leostream Platform components install on a Linux operating system and you can always apply the patches to the system to fit your corporate standards. 

In addition, because you install all of your Leostream components on your premises or in your private cloud, you will not need to open up any firewall rules to outsiders or install additional components inside of your environment that notify back to a Leostream server. 

Another benefit is avoiding vendor lock-in. Many remote access solutions lock you into an architecture that works only with their components. This results in being cemented into that vendor for your entire stack. This is bad news because it eliminates your ability to use best-of-breed solutions in other parts of your architecture. Leostream allows you to choose the hosting platform you want to use, and the display protocol, as well as mix and match various operating systems in your environment. 

Finally, Leostream is fantastic for adding extra security to your environment. For example, you can leverage multi-factor authentication, whether that be by front-ending your Leostream environment with your corporation identity provider or by using a system that supports the RADIUS protocol to do a second factor using a token. Leostream allows you to utilize all of those methods, plus Leostream supports PIV/CAC cards with PCoIP Zero clients. This is essential in government and federal sites that require those cards. 

With Leostreams’ rich access management rules, you always have control over who has access, when they connect and how long they can connect. The Leostream Agent then tracks all steps in the user’s connection and communicates those events to your specific connection broker so you can automate actions, such as logging out idle users. 

To learn more, click the video above and watch as Karen Gondoly guides you through this process. If you want to try it, you can always contact us, we offer free trials, and we can do demos for you to show you more. Just contact us at [email protected]


ENVY utilizes Leostream to connect video editors and producers to 200+ physical workstations remotely and adapts a completely flexible working environment

WALTHAM, MA – May 19, 2022 – Today, Leostream, provider of enterprise-grade remote access solutions, announced that ENVY Post Production has included Leostream™ into its ENVY Remote platform for enabling hybrid work. Influenced by the modern demand for flexible work options, ENVY designed a platform that gives clients and creatives the ability to log into high-powered editing stations from anywhere while also offering an entire suite of production and communication tools to assist in the creative process.

“It’s been rewarding to see this deployment come to life at ENVY and to be paving the way for flexible work models across the media and entertainment industry,” commented Karen Gondoly, CEO of Leostream.  “When it comes to designing a hybrid workplace there is no one-size-fits-all answer. This is why Leostream is dedicated to bringing a refreshingly customizable platform to its customers — complete with an API and established integrations with top innovators in the remote desktop space.”

As a leading post production house for broadcast and advertising in the UK, having the structure in place for clients to work from anywhere creates enormous opportunity for the company and the media and entertainment industry at large.

By pivoting to a hybrid model, the company is not only enhancing operational efficiency, but is also allowing its clients to attract the best talent. Through Leostream, which is built into the ENVY Remote platform, users are connecting to workstations across all corners of the UK and the world.  Jai Cave, Technical Operations Director of ENVY, who has been spearheading the initiative said, “One of the unique benefits of rolling out such a powerful solution is the hiring reach that it offers our clients. Projects are sourcing talent like never before and hiring based on capability — clients are no longer limited to where people live.”

With over 70% of ENVY’s clients expressing interest in hybrid options, the company began building a robust platform to align the demand for flexibility and creative workflows during the pandemic. A key component has been creating a consistent experience for users accessing the fully equipped editing suites — regardless of location.

“Ease of use is really important as we have people logging in from all over — both in the office and from home,” reported Cave. “Once authenticated and connected with Leostream, users have access to exactly the same machine that they were using in-house or a dedicated remote machine if they don’t need a hybrid option.”

The Leostream Gateway delivers remote access to users outside of the corporate network, allowing ENVY to isolate workstations from the public internet. The gateway is designed to funnel logins through a secure environment to be authenticated without the use of virtual private networks (VPNs).

Supporting hybrid workers at a post-production house requires tight management and specialized technology to deliver the level of quality needed to run 3D graphics and editing software remotely. ENVY taps into robust reporting features provided by Leostream to monitor user activity and to optimize the desktop environment. In addition, by capitalizing on integration capabilities between Leostream and high-performance remote display protocols, ENVY is able to achieve a top-notch experience for creatives inclusive of collaboration and screen-sharing functionality.

About Leostream
Leostream provides the critical remote desktop connection management technology required for organizations to build successful large-scale remote access solutions. The Leostream Platform embodies two decades of research and development in supporting customers with hosted desktop environments, including VDI, hybrid cloud, and high-performance display protocols. The Leostream Platform has proven to be one of the world’s most robust desktop connection management platforms with a remote access feature that allows today’s enterprises to choose the best-of-breed components to satisfy their complex security, cost, and flexibility needs.

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